Sample exchange agreement.
What do you get by exchanging a city apartment for a private house?
Selling or buying is not always profitable for those who purchase real estate or get rid of
Extract from the Unified State Register for an apartment: where to get it, cost and deadlines
When performing legally significant actions in relation to real estate, buyers who want to be confident in the security of the transaction,
How to fill out a gift agreement for maternity capital
When submitting documents for the purchase of a home with the participation of family capital, a notary must be present
how to find out the queue at a sanatorium using SNILS
How to find out the waiting list for orphans to receive housing
All preferential categories of citizens of the Russian Federation have the right to receive vouchers to sanatorium and resort organizations. They are issued
Write a claim for failure to provide intercom repair services
August Representatives of the management company come and try to collect signatures from residents on the registration sheet: Here
What to do if a cough prevents you from sleeping: how to relieve a cough before bed
A very hectic life, or what to do if your neighbors are noisy Determine exactly where the noise is. Sometimes
Just sitting and waiting for your turn to come is futile
Provision of housing under social tenancy agreements Applicants have the right to pre-trial (out-of-court) appeal of decisions
Certificate from the IPA
What documents prove the identity of a citizen?
What is an identity card An identity card is a document that contains information
Lifetime rent of an apartment - tips when drawing up a contract
Citizens of the Russian Federation have the opportunity to use several ways to obtain a housing plot legally.
Social programs to support young families
“Young Family” program: conditions The “Young Family” program is aimed at helping families acquire